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Information at the swipe of a finger. No more codes, search any information using parts of disease name.

Mai-App DxTerms

Easy cross reference tool to bridge multiple disease terminologies (includes UMLS concepts). Search using disease names or codes for ICD9-ICD10, Snomed-ICD10, Snomed-ICD9 and Snomed-UMLS.


1. We have spent a lot of money in products and training for the ICD9/ICD10 transition. Why should I use your product?
A. Our product SUPPLEMENTS your existing efforts and is not meant to replace any of your existing efforts. It provides physicians and coders an easy and quick way to find an ICD10 code. Access cross reference information at the swipe of a finger, ANY time ANY place. You can labor through your enterprise system or use MAI APP.
Due to the easy rapid search capability of our app, several of our customers at leading hospitals find the code from the app and enter the information into their enterprise systems.

2. I am an independent physician. How can I buy the product?
A. Please sign up at our partner web site to use the app. Download the iPhone / iPAD version of the product from the Apple App Store. To download the Android version of the product, click here.

3. How do I reduce the list of codes that are returned for a disease search?
A. In your search, please enter the organ name and then search for the specific condition in the results. For. e.g., if you want to search for humerus fracture, enter humerus in your search condition and then zero in on fracture in the results list. Alternately, you can enter the organ name and the condition to return specific matches.

4. I entered a disease code but do not find any matches?
A. In all our searches, disease name is entered in the top box OR disease code is entered in the 2nd box. Help text in the boxes/below the boxes inform you about what to enter. Please ensure that your data is being entered correctly.

5. Can you autofill my search using a medical dictionary?
A. This feature will be added in a later release.